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Chadwick's Trail Cams
This is the best camera I have ever used.
​ It has so many uses.  Within seconds the camera sends you the picture by cell phone or email. You can have the picture sent to as many as 4 people at a time. Great for security when you are out of town , but your neighbor is close by. You will love getting pictures from the woods , while you are at work,  home , or on vacation.

NEW FOR 2014 !!!!!​​
You can send a text to your camera !
change from picture mode to video
​take a picture on your demand and send it back to you ! 
​add additional phone #,s or delete
​add additional emails or delete
get location
turn MMS feature on or off​​​

2 " viewer  - view your pics
Makes it great in setting up
your camera in the field.
You know it is working before
you go.​​​​​

NEW 2014
Coming soon!​

Covert Code Black
Retail $ 399.00​

These cameras are our 'Hottest " camera for 2014!

Moultrie M-990i Mini Cam
The newest in No-Glow that provides concealment without reducing flash distance!​​​
New for 2014! Moultrie added NO-Glow to their Panoramic camera! A Must for security !
Both these cameras have a exciting new feature! They are Wi-Fi capable. Download straight to your phone!
FOOD PLOT ?  Great Seed Great Prices
I hope you enjoy our website. Feel free to contact me anytime!​
Brian Chadwick​​
208 George St
Orange, Vt 05641
Stic n Pic
What a "Great" Idea for The Race Car, 4 wheeler, Motorcycle etc!
This camera is Creating such a "Buzz" around the local Race tracks here in New England! Get your favorite driver a camera that he can hunt with, and also use in his race car!​
Click on pic to get more info!
"I plan on using this camera in my Race car all season. When I am not racing, I am anxious to use it on my bow and rifle this hunting season.
The quality and ease of use is amazing!​ "
Brent Dragon
PASS Racing Series